Circus Flora Dinner Theater

"A Celtic Night Circus" from St. Louis's favorite circus.

Handout photo from Valla-Bertini Family unicycle act. They also perform an aerial cradle act and brutal trampoline routine, among other things.
by dbasson Oct 18, 2012 at 4:54 PM

Circus Flora's inaugural dinner theater production: A Celtic Night Circus. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Clowns on Call hospital clowning outreach program.
There will only be four performances. Tickets $120 to $175. Call Metrotix at 314.534.1111 or visit to purchase.
As you can guess from the ticket price, it's a more adult-focused evening than Circus Flora's usual offerings, but it's not so provocative that kids won't find something to enjoy. But the very loose theme does revolve around capricious love affairs and some of the characters are street walkers and married couples who stray from their spouses.
It's an intimate circus affair, in more ways than one. It would make a better date night than family outing. The cabaret seating puts most viewers close to the action and the vibe of performers catering to a small audience, rather than an arena is palpable.
Something tells us this experiment won't be the last foray into dinner theater for the circus troupe.
Scroll on for video, pictures and comments entered in real time as the night unfolded.

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