Cardinals chat with Derrick Goold

  • Scared is an interesting choice of words. I'm not sure it's how I would describe it. The question I continue to ask Matheny and those around him -- but isn't good enough for the chatter below, evidently -- is whether the manager finds in times of adversity a tendency to go with the players he knows or the track records that exist. For example, the call in center field is Exhibit A. When Peter Bourjos struggled, Matheny went with the hotter bat at the time, Jon Jay. That completely makes sense. But when Jay struggled just as mightily as Bourjos had, Jay stayed. He had both track record and Matheny knew him better. Bourjos is the unknown. The Cardinals acquired Bourjos on the promise he offered, not on the past production at the plate. Matheny didn't agree with my question. That's fine. Happens all the time. But his actions are an answer, too. Someone close to the club told me that even though Matheny rejected my premise, "he managing exactly like that."
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