Cardinals chat with Derrick Goold

  • Completely agree. This is one of those lingering riddles from last season. Timing worked against Jackson, as did the situation he was thrown into. Let's chart the calender. Jackson comes up to the majors and is put at second base with Jaime Garcia on the mound. He struggles with a couple groundballs from a position he had not played. Not a good game. While Jackson is in the majors, set as a back-bencher, Kozma moves into shortstop and plays there regularly. So when Furcal goes down, the Cardinals go with the player who has been playing shortstop the most regularly AT THAT MOMENT. Jackson hadn't been. He'd been on the bench in the majors. Kozma had. Voila! The rest is September history. Kozma takes off giving the opportunity to play and Jackson slips down the depth chart. The review of Jackson's defensive play in Memphis and his work at the plate was not as hearty as it was for Jackson coming out of Springfield. There was some thought that his range was not enough for the position in the majors and that the speed of the game was going to limit him. Seems to me he wasn't given much of a chance to show one way or the other, and now Kozma has surpassed him. That last part of the explanation is important. Jackson may not have dropped in the Cardinals' estimation. Kozma just surged ahead of him.
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