Cardinals chat with Derrick Goold

  • Taveras's off-field actions like skipping Winter Warm-Up? His departure from his Dominican Winter League club for what may have been -- and likely was -- a ploy to get a higher salary? These off-field things. Well, Yadier Molina has skipped Winter Warm-Up before. How's he doing? There are constant examples of players trying to get better leverage for a higher salary from the winter ball clubs. They still get work visas. Taveras is 20. We seem to lose sight of that. It's like people expect his batting average to be some sort of reflection on his maturity. He hits better than anyone else his age so, therefore by the Reflexive Property of Batting Average Maturity, he should also act older than his age. I don't think it works that way. The Cardinals believe Taveras has some maturing to do -- in the game and around the game. He was benched as a young player for not running out grounders, and there has been concern expressed to him about how much attention and diligence he pays to his defense. They know his talent. They know his value to the club. There is a reason why Carlos Beltran has been all but handcuffed to Taveras in the opening days of spring training. They also know he is 20. And he's not going to turn 25 overnight. Did you?
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